Friday 20 April 2007

Madman or Murderer

The tragedy which occurred this week at Virginia Tech has been subjected to almost endless media attention. Most recently the release of the gunman's video, written statement and photos. Many have disagreed with the decision to release this material. I feel that without it we would have been left with many unanswered questions.

Cho, appeared disturbed but what is not clear is whether he is disturbed through psychosis or hatred.

It is very possible that this young man was dealing with undiagnosed mental illness but it is also entirely plausible that he was just plain and simply bad.

Sometimes we search for reasons to make wickedness seem more acceptable but that says more about our inability to accept that evil does exist.

I find it hard to accept that Cho could commit 2 murders then calmly return to his room, make the final preparations of his video confession then post it to NBC before returning to complete his murderous campaign and then for others to explain this away as "mental illness".

I believe his actions were organised, ruthless, methodical and evidently premediated. This was not the act of desperation or events. It was evil, pure and simple.