Thursday 24 May 2007

Water Charges...the lies begin

All Northern Ireland parties campaigned in the recent elections indicating that they would not implement water charges, now it seems what they meant was that they would defer them.

Aparently they learnt yesterday that deferring the charges for one year would cost £75 million and by year 3 this would be £265million. This is being greeted by the luminaries on the hill as if it was never mentioned before, lets see £75million multiplied by 3 equals £225 million.

So even without allowing for inflation the figure could have been guessed at over £225million. Looks like the new Education minister needs to concentrate on her colleagues numeracy skills before worrying about schools.

The only way to stop this nonsense is for the people of here (ok with you Conor Murphy) to refuse to pay. Aparently some people are getting themselves in a bit of a tizzy over the issue regarding law breaking (which it won't be as its a CIVIL matter and NOT a CRIMINAL matter), so all the years of lawlessness (you remember Drumcree riots, Bombs and Bullets etc) were one thing but not paying for water is an entirely different story. It as a bit farcial. Is Big Ian and Wee Marty really going to pursue the people of here (ok with you Conor Murphy) to the Small Claims Court? I dare them, no even better, I double dare them!