Wednesday 26 December 2007


Christmas is a strange time. Its full of hope and promise, a time for families, a time for friends. It also brings is stresses, with memories of times past and those no longer with us.

I went to Dublin the weekend before Christmas was 3 mates. 2 of whom I spend a lot of time with, who I trust and respect and one who I see less regularly.

Everything went well til we walked in the City for food, in the restaurant David became sullen and withdrawn. I thought he didn't like the food, the rest of us were having a ball. Turns out he didn't like spending the money on food, later claiming he didn't like the food etc.

Next night same thing happened though this time I thought fuck it, and Scott and I abandoned the others for a while, when we returned it was unpleasant. Dave was bleeting on that he resented being made to eat things he didn't or couldn't eat. Then the cardinal sin, he lied to my face......................friendship fucked.

Christmas Day was wonderful as always, nice gifts, good food and great year looks like being an odd one, my brother and his wife will be living in Scotland and this will be the first time in 33 years he hasn't been with the rest of us......