Sunday 20 January 2008

Hillary 2008

We are nearing Super Tuesday, when over 20 states hold simultaneous primaries and where it is expected that an outright winner will go forward to the party conventions which select the candidate who goes head to head for the Presidential election.
My political views are left-wing..........none of the main players could credibly be called that, but I feel the Democrat party offers more hope than the gun hungry members of the GOP.
The US led invasion of Iraq has been a disaster and must surely play a crucial role in the eventual decision of the citiziens of the USA, they are electing a new commander-in-chief and its looking likely that it will be someone from a group which has hitherto been unelectable i.e. black community or female. The difficulties faced by the Democratic candidate will be to convince the US voters that they can ensure national security will not be compromised.
The hatred which has developed following the 'War on terror' and the subsequent invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan will take generations to overcome, the continued support of Israel as this state continues to oppress the Palestinian people are just a few of the challenges faced by the 44th President. I am watching carefully to see what the candidates propose to do on these issues.
Hillary is in the lead as we approach 5 Feb and that will be important for her campaign.
The Republican or GOP campaign is far less certain and will prove important if Hillary is to have any chance of success.
If Hillary wins the US Presidential election then the Bush - Clinton axis will have spanned 6 US presidential elections........yet when the 22nd Amendment was passed they didn't envisage that fathers and sons would get a go, nor husbands and wives......


Becky said...

Actually father and sons had a go back in the beginning, with John Adams (2nd) and John Quincy Adams (6th).

I've also read recently where with the infusion of younger people getting involved in politics that it's time for a new generation with Obama, and past time for the baby-boomers to go away.

We had 2 whole presidents - Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Nothing like the run WWII era politicians had.

Kids these days. Still, it's nice to see them interested, even if most of them spend their time spamming blogs that mention their main man, Ron Paul.

If you want to pick up your blog traffic, try it sometime. Better to be dismissive, rumor has it.

Becky said...

An example of the Ron Paul phenomenon, a follow-up post:

Hubbard (who is referred to), of course, is the founder of Scientology.