Wednesday 9 April 2008

China, the Olympic Torch and Tibet

The Olympic torch is travelling throughout the world until it returns to China for a tour of the country and eventual arrival at the opening ceremony in Beijing.
China has a horrendous history of human rights abuses, and quite rightly, protestors have taken this opportunity to put the spotlight back on China. The communist party of China had hoped that the torch relay would be a PR coup, instead its proving to be a disaster, with each new country there are more protests.
China has annexed Tibet and has gone about its business of persecuting the Tibetan Monks.
The International Olympic Committee has to date been silent on China's human rights abuses and its time this stopped. Silence is acceptance.
During the torch relay in London it was surrounded by blue tracksuit wearing chinese men, who have today been unmasked as members of a paramilitary trained police force in China. Lord Coe, chairman of the 2012 London Organising committee has described them as "thugs"......yet no-one from the UK Government seems to have queried their immigration status or their right to work in the UK.
China executes 22 people every day of the year. Check out Amnesty's report.