Saturday 26 April 2008

Running Club

My personal training continues unabated, it's still good, it's still hard going and I am still enjoying everything........
Last week I reckoned I needed a new challenge, so gave the gym's running club a go.
My first experience of running with this group took place on Thursday and I loved it.
We ran to the nearby all-weather pitch and from there ran for 75secs, stopped for a minute and then ran back the other direction for 75 seconds. Each time trying to go further (and therefore faster) in the 75 secs........We did this 10 times......... on a few occasions I managed to reach the front of the pack....I was very happy with my fitness levels but started to tire towards the 9th and 10th week I will be running on Monday and Thursday, with Circuits on Tuesday and weight sessions on Wed and Friday it will be a tough one.