Saturday 12 April 2008

Senior Moments

About a year ago, in fact it may have been a bit longer, I heard someone knock my door about 8.45pm, I was a little alarmed to discover 2 police officers, a male and female. They began by asking if the car parked outside my house belonged to me. I replied yes, they then asked if I had been at the petrol station just outside Antrim.....I said yes, I had got £5 of diesel. They then said that it had been reported to them that I had driven off without paying.

Well, I was convinced they must have made a mistake and began frantically looking for a card receipt, no joy. I then thought I must have lost it. So they asked if I was insisting that I had paid. It seemed an odd question as I thought I had but was happy to pay again, however, if it turned out I had already paid I would be expecting a refund.

The male cop insisted it was nothing to worry about, after all £5 is about $10, its not much money, in fact I was amazed such a minor event would receive the attention of 2 police officers! I have known people to have their cars robbed and receive an attitude of indifference.

Anyway, as I begun my car journey back to the petrol station I realised that I had not been in the shop to pay, I had no memory of going in to pay. So when the cop had stated that it was nothing to worry about, I replied "What? not being able to remember if you pay your bills is nothing to worry about?"........

The reason I am mentioning it is that it appears to be a common problem.........I think everyone is just too busy these days that some stuff just drops off your mind............when I worked in the bank it wasn't uncommon for people to forget to take their cards out of the ATM after they had completed their transaction or leave their cash behind.......


Becky said...

In Buffalo and many other areas we have to pre-pay. Usually I use my debit card at the pump so it's no big deal. Occasionally I have to go into the store to pay...also occasionally I have then driven off without putting the gas in the car. They've always been really nice about me coming back with a red face.