Saturday 7 June 2008

people i don't like.........

Does democracy work? Not if this is who gets elected.
This is Iris Robinson, she was speaking on Radio Ulster, Thursday morning arguing that some christian psychiatrist she is associated with is able to "cure" homosexuals.
Her comments were made against the background of a recent attack on a young gay man in Newtownabbey, where she was being challenged that reckless comments gave others an excuse. She claimed to hate the "sin" not the "sinner!".
Years ago it would have been Catholics, or some other group the DUP fundamentalists would have berated.
The people of Strangford (her constituency) must be so proud of their MP, MLA. Iris is one of the Northern Ireland family Robinson, where endless numbers of them are elected or work for those who are elected. Her hubby is First Minister, MLA, MP and local councillor. They have several members of their family with their noses in the trough......all above board.... but it does make you wonder how the one job representatives get their day in when it takes 2, 3 or 4 jobs to keep a Robinson busy.
Iris's outburst this week ensured that hubby Peter's coronation as First Minister hardly got a mention, seems like Iris stole is thunder? I do hope he keeps his cool.