Thursday 31 July 2008

Bonfires and hate

Pic: Daithi McKay, Sinn Fein MLA

Last night a group of young hoods attacked the home of, Barry Gordon, a community worker in Dunclug Housing Estate in Ballymena. He along with some other people had removed materials for a bonfire on 9 Aug, which has been held in previous years to commemorate internment.
Sinn Féin oppose the bonfire claiming that its not wanted by the community and raises tensions, leading to anti-social behaviour.
Today, McKay (pictured above) and 2 colleagues were attacked by a group of hoods as the left Barry Gordon's home.
Communities can not be forced to choose what is for them and what is not but society must exist within a community of law and order and it can not condone attacks on elected politicians nor can it accept mob justice.
It is refreshing that Sinn Féin are showing leadership within this community. Something which their unionist colleagues have singularly failed to do, the mayor of Lisburn started the bonfire to celebrate 12 July in Stoneyford, bearing the picture of Paul Butler, Sinn Féin MLA, more fires of hate.
Report from last night in Ballymena Times and the BBC


sprathead said...

so dan mckay and his henchmen were out trying to show their muscle today .well thank god there was someone ready to stand up to them and didn`t he show them ,but then i supose he`ll have to be on the lookout for the ten or twelve who will show up in the future ,like they did with paul quin.
mr mckay is very quick to label these young fellows as drug dealers but it`s not too many years ago that his comrades in arms were being called this also
why was he not round at the 12th july bonfires taking them down but then there was money paid to legitimatize them