Sunday 6 July 2008

Music, stuff and rants

A few things i want to get off my chest.

  1. My back hurts. It really does and its getting me down. I think its the amount of driving i do.

  2. Music. Life really wouldn't be complete without it. My ipod is like a limb. I love when you meet new people and they are into different bands / singers. This adds a new dimension to friendship. Take a few moments to listen to Aimee Mann and Seabear. New to me but just glorious stuff. I really love the Sebear song, - I see, I swim......thanks Andrew for introducing this to me.

  3. Weather. Its summer and its raining, how crap is that. Yes we have green fields and they look nice, but really do we need to be wet all the time.

  4. Fun. I went on a bit of an all day bender on Saturday in Belfast. I really had forgotten how much fun Belfast can be and how bohemian it is becoming. Its a wonderful place...........thanks Nichola for making such a great day....

  5. Travelling. I soon go to Estonia. This is good. No more driving.

  6. Chicago. Nancy and Anne.......I hope to visit you both before 2008 ends.

  7. My blog not a reference to drugs. Its stands for the god known as Eric Cantona. I used the letters of the phonetic alphabet to represent his name. Charlie isn't a reference to cocaine. Well not