Thursday 10 July 2008


One of the most iconic images of the 20th Century, when 2 American athletes gave the Black Power salute to show their support of the Black Panthers at the 1968 Olympic Games.

Racism is an evil which if left unchecked festers and polutes everyday living. Northern Ireland has particular problems with racism, which are only beginning to surface, as we would traditionally not have had much immigration for years.
Northern Ireland was a place to leave not a somewhere to move to. As the peace process started and the streets became calmer, we have begun to experience immigration for the first time. To date most migration has been from Eastern Europe, Spain and Portugal.

We still remain significantly lacking in immigration from the Black community. I have seen racism at first hand, I have heard racist comments at work, I have had to challenge this and speak my mind. The most sickening thing I have ever seen in my professional life was earlier this week in a Government building, I noticed one of my union posters had been defaced. On closer inspection I discovered that a face had been cut out of one the models used in the poster. The model was a black woman. The removal of her face was the only damage to the poster.

Naked and disgusting racism.