Monday 11 August 2008

Bonfires and hate - update

Pics nicked from the tribune's webpage.

I previously blogged about the situation in the Dunclug area of Ballymena, concerning a bonfire to commemorate internment. Well it went ahead, complete with its full compliment of knuckle dragging assholes. More here

Dunclug has received massive regeneration funds, reported to be around £5million, yet the estate is a disgrace, and many moan about unemployment. We have jobs, many of these young people from both nationalist and loyalist communities don't want to do it.

Unemployment amongst able-bodied young males is a shame, unfortunately it seems that a lifetime on state benefit is more attractive. They dont want to get off their ass and get a job, they refer to benefit payments as "pay" know...the way the rest of us do...but actually work to receive the money we call pay...Ballymena has plenty of jobs, but too many young people see manual labour as beneath them...that's work for the immigrants...the Polish, Latvians, Lithuanians etc. They seem happy to scrounge off the tax these hard working eastern europeans pay.