Wednesday 6 August 2008


A pretty building, expertly captured by me...

Some geezer called Alexander

Walking down the street and I discovered these Finns trying to squeeze into the gap between the buildings, the woman at the bottom with the red tracksuit bottoms is actually bent over touching her toes, the rest are piling on top of her. Now I dont know why they do this, maybe simply because its a gap and they like to fill gaps with people...who knows...but then i walked down the street and found more of them at it seems its a national past-time...guess its nicer than chucking stones at the peelers or marching behind bands...

This photo has been included for no reason other than it fills a gap, its the Ailín equivalent of crawling between a building.
Oh and my screw-ups for today were:
  1. Do you have any Norwegian currency, at the bureau de change, this morning? Thankfully she didnt, as I was on my way to Helsinki in FINLAND and would have had trouble spending it.
  2. I thought they had a different time zone in Finland in relation to Estonia, so i looked at my watch, 4.45pm and thought that's really only 3.45pm so I have an hour to go. Wrong. It was 4.45pm. I had 5 mins to get to the boat. Thank god I am so light on my