Sunday 26 October 2008

British Summer Time ends

At 1 am British Summer Time ended and we put our clocks back one hour to Greenwich Mean Time...the speaking clock service by BT is currently being spoken by the Disney character Tinkerbell more here.

I woke up this morning, realised I hadnt changed the time on my mobile or my laptop and thot happy days another hour in bed...wrong the bloody things had changed by whats the point of an extra hour in bed when ur technology goes and robs you of the pleasure?

Its true, I am seriously wondering should I cease drinking alcohol!!

Anyway, this month I become 36...oh my word...but on a plus point of kinds, I will be celebrating it in the capital city of Bosnia (Sarajevo) its not exactly going to be ordinary...

I think i shall go back to sleep and wonder where the last 35 years have gone...