Saturday 8 November 2008

Evangelicals and stuff...the story so far

My trip around some of the Balkan states commenced yesterday. I am currently in Budapest and heading to Sarajevo (Bosnia) tomorrow and then on Thursday to Zagreb (Croatia) before heading to London on Saturday and home Sunday.

It has been once observed my a so-called friend (Molly) that if it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all...(she thinks she is funny but may also have a point)...

Yesterday, we got the 8.05am train from Ballymena to Belfast...we arrived at Gt Victoria Street in time to see the Dublin Airport bus pull away from the stand and we had to wait another hour for the next one...which was packed, I was conveniently seated behind a Van Morrison wannabe, complete with reclined seat...

Anyway back to the train journey, once we reached Central Station, with only a few stops to go, a man sat down beside Gareth, and decide to tell him in a few minutes, how God had been good to him and that Gareth needed God in his we had already observed that this man let's call him...GO... had been reading his bible while travelling on the train and then taken the opportunity of a seat beside Gareth to do a spot of evangelising...really...who needs to be told they need God in their life when you have a feckin bus and plane to catch? It seems Christians and Policemen are the only people in life who are truly never off duty. In the short time he sat beside Gareth, we heard his life story...guess he must have reckoned Scott and I were without souls or perhaps so holy that we didn't need his help?

At the airport my luck improved, but not so much that of my mates. I thought it handy to check-in online, so I went into my bag to get our boarding passes, only to discover I had somehow managed to print Gareth's twice and mine once and therefore have 3 pieces of paper, but none for Scott. Not a major problem and we all got checked in, after our courteous and friendly staff told Scott he wasn't getting on the plane (seriously these guys should be on Ireland's got talent!).

Next was Security, where they scan your boarding pass to allow your through, well Scott and I passed this test without a problem, whereas Gareth's boarding pass was red flagged.

How could this be possible?

Did they cart him off for a rubber glove examination?

Unfortunately see when we arrived at the airport I had 2 passes for Gareth and one for me...and I forgot to discard the duplicate Gareth pass, so I had inadvertently given the security guard Gareth's pass instead of my when he reached his pass to be scanned the system thought he had already been through the only person airside who wasn't scanned was I didn't notice this at the Gareth had to leave the security area, walk back to Aer Lingus check-in and get a new boarding pass. No major hassle...well not for me...but well it was kinda comical.

The Gellert Hotel, is posh from the roadside...and is handy but the rooms are like something from a prison...without the Sky TV or XBOX 360...they seem to like their 70's decor so much they have decided to keep it (forever!).


Anonymous said...

molly says she thinks you should write for the hole in the wall gang.....after you are unemployed in january....lmao

your supposed to be minding them 2 wee boys so behave