Sunday 21 December 2008

Manchester United - 2008 World Club Champions

More here, a goal from Rooney seals the deal...


John said...

A BIG congratulation to all you Red Devil supporters out there. Truly the year 2008 has been an extra ordinary year for your team. First you guys conquered England, then Europe and now the World.

For me as an Argentina supporter, I must say that I’m pretty sad to see Carlos TEVEZ not getting his name in the score sheet. He was absolutely dangerous while he was on the pitch tonight but it was unfortunate to see him being substitute.

But I’m sure many of you (and football fans alike) will agree that he too played his part in making all this happen for your club.

I’ve just published my review on the final and would appreciate if you could check it out. Drop us comment as well please. Tell us about your ecstatic feeling after this latest victory.