Saturday 18 April 2009

Carbon Footprint

Its been a topic of much discussion in recent years, how much carbon do we consume and how can we reduce our CO2 emissions. We can all do our bit by being more responsible, but society has reached a place, particularly in the Western developed world, where international, regional and domestic air travel is a right and not a privilege.

I am no exception to this, I cant be a hypocrite, I accept the valid and rational arguments about the impact of CO2 on the environment, how man is contributing to the changes in the environment and how our behaviour is pretty much wrecking things for the future generations.

For example in the last twelve months.

My car has travelled in excess on 20,000 miles

I have taken return flights from Belfast as follows:


and one way flights as below:

from Belfast to Budapest
from Zagreb to london
from London to Belfast

and Train journeys

Ballymena to Belfast (twice)
Ballymena to Dublin
Budapest to Sarajevo (one way)

its not exactly good is it....

so I checked my Carbon Footprint on a website....

  • Your footprint is 12.23 tonnes, which equates to 16.31 tonnes per year
  • The average footprint for people in United Kingdom is 9.80 tonnes
  • The average for the industrial nations is about 11 tonnes
  • The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 4 tonnes
  • The worldwide target to combat climate change is 2 tonnes

Your Carbon Footprint:

2">4.86 tonnes of CO2
2">0.91 tonnes of CO2
2">0.51 tonnes of CO2
2">0.00 tonnes of CO2
2">0.07 tonnes of CO2
2">5.88 tonnes of CO2

Total = 12.23 tonnes of CO2