Wednesday 20 May 2009

Victims of Child Abuse

There surely can't be much worse than Child Abuse, today a report was released into a decade long enquiry into the systemic abuse of children by the Roman Catholic church in Ireland.

The position of trust which the Catholic Church had in Ireland since the foundation of the state allowed this to happen, prevented it from being challenged and has left thousands of victims in its wake.

In 2002, the authorities of the Roman Catholic church in Ireland sought and obtained an injunction preventing the names of any of the abusers being included in the report and this will ensure no charges can be brought.

The church not content in being complicit in the abuse of children, physically, emotionally and sexually has ensured that those child victims will never achieve justice.

May God have mercy on the souls of this morally bankrupt organisation as it hides its paedophiles.

The BBC has more here, photo pinched from the BBC website.