Saturday 20 June 2009

Slovenia - Day 1 - Sat 20 June

Our arrival in Slovenia was delayed by a fault on the Easyjet plane which resulted in its removal from service and a replacement had to be found. This meant a 3hour delay.

Fantastic...we had only been up since 3am, which meant we had hours to kill in Belfast International Airport. I wanted to kill more than hours...what better way to watch the time float by than a few glasses of Shiraz, we felt this was justifiable because if we consider we had breakfast at about 5am, the current time of 8am meant that it was lunchtime!

We reached the flight to Slovenia with about 20 minutes to spare...arrival in Slovenia was uneventful, the guy from the motorhome rental company met us in Arrivals, took us back to his office and proceeded with the checking out process...I lost him after he said it took diesel fuel...we took control of the vehicle and headed for Ljubljana with the Sat Nav guiding our way.

I now realise why people end up in ditches, canals and other such places of crisis. The system guided us down an unpaved road...towards a stream...and we meandered alongside the Soca river...eventually we realised (having been overtaken by a borat-esque tractor) that our current route was ill advised and a turn back to the back road essential. The motorhome rocked and rolled, with our meagre possessions being tossed around with little care or attention...we headed back to the tarmac of the main road, now casually instructed by the sat nav as if our turn onto the unpaved road had been our own idea.
A couple of turns left and right and we the pleasant campsite, time to find food and fast...our plan for Sunday is to visit the UNESCO site in Skocjan.