Sunday 30 May 2010

My first Pinoy birthday celebration...

On Thursday, I was invited to the birthday celebration of Jade's Nanay and Tatay....His mother's birthday was just a few days earlier and his father's in March.

I have picked up a few words of Visayan so occasionally, I might work out something in a conversation, I heard bukid (moutain), hapon (afternoon) mentioned not exactly enough to understand the conversation...

The main event is the varierty of food which I had never seen before. There is simply no part of an animal a Pinoy would not consider cooking and eating.

The food on offer was an amazing collection:
  1. Bopis

  2. Humba

  3. Lumpia

  4. Escabeche

  5. Ginataang manok (Thai Style)
It was nice to part of a cultural event which I never thought I would experience in Belfast.

Thanks to Jade and Jing2 for all the hard work in preparing the many wonderful dishes.


Sendo said... did you find the food?

AILÍN said...

Food was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!