Friday 25 June 2010

Oh Canada, Oh Canada

The adventures have begun....

On Wed 23 June, I left for a short trip to visit my cousins in USA, one in Hinckley, Ohio and the other in Bartlett, Illinois.

Arriving at the airport in Belfast I was advised that my flight with BMI had been withdrawn and that service was no longer on their schedules. They also advised me that BMI would have advised my travel agent, Great....everyone knows but me.

I had my final paperwork with me, showing the flight I was due on as departing 12.05. I went over to the Bmi ticket sales desk, they didnt want to know. Told me it wasn't their problem as the travel agent had been advised. Bmi staff told me to contact my agent, which i did and after holding for 40 mins, was helpfully advised by to contact Bmi for assistance.

I went back to Bmi and after some pleading they took my ticket and started working on a solution. About an hour later they told me that they had me re-booked but that I would miss my evening connection to Cleveland and would therefore have to stay in Toronto tonight.

Damn. Damn and Damn. I had a quick look online and discovered that a the nearest airport hotel in Toronto was £300+ and the cheapest £50 was about 10kms away.

More later...