Monday 14 February 2011

Chaos in the NI Executive over Health Cuts..from Eamonn Mallie

On Monday 14th February 2011, @EamonnMallie said:

Open warfare broke out at Northern Ireland's Executive meeting last week between Health Minister Michael Mc Gimpsey
and Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson. "Ferocity and brutality sum it up towards Mc Gimpsey." said one minister. Ulster Unionists contend Robinson and Mc Guinness were working from 'a rehearsed script to have a go' at Mc Gimpsey. The First and deputy First ministers were said to be fulminating because Michael Mc Gimpsey went on the BBC's Nolan Show last week accompanied by Chief Medical Officer Michael Mc Bride. Robinson, McGuinness and Sammy Wilson are said to be angry because Mr Mc Gimpsey attended 'the away day' at Greenmount and allegedly said nothing 'choosing instead to do all his talking on the radio ever since." The First and deputy First Ministers resent Michael Mc Gimpsey's talk of 4000 jobs likely to be lost and 'no money to pay the bills on April I in absence of budget agreement.' Sammy Wilson has said several times Michael Mc Gimpsey still hasn't put a paper on Health savings before the Executive. Martin Mc Guinness and Peter Robinson summoned Michael Mc Bride the Chief Medical Officer to come and see them alone. Mr Mc Bride I am told sat outside the offices of the ministers but was not accessed
because Michael Mc Gimpsey forbade Mc Bride to meet the First and Deputy First Ministers without a witness insisting that Health Permanent Secretary Andrew McCormick should accompany him. No meeting took place. Another Executive minister compared last week's Executive to
' tag wrestling with strips being torn off McGimpsey by Mc Guinness and Robinson.' During this onslaught against the Health minister other ministers reportedly remained silent including Danny Kennedy Mr Mc Gimpsey's ministerial colleague. At one stage when McGimpsey decided to break his silence, in a whispering purr he reportedly patronisingly said to Martin Mc Guinness, "calm down. Stop getting excited." The question now is - can there be a reconciliation? Will there be a reconciliation? Michael McGimpsey commissioned a report called the Mc Kinsey Report into how to save money in the Health Service. Mc Kinsey concluded reportedly that a £5m savings could be made monthly. It is being alleged Mr McGimpsey refused to furnish
the First and Deputy First Ministers with the report. It is not a happy house.