Thursday 21 April 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

I received my ballot papers for the NI Assembly, Local Government and Referendum elections today...I'm voting by post...I have never seen a more empty list of non-entities in all my life (with all but a few exceptions).

It was almost impossible to decide who should get my 1, never mind my 2 or 3 and no way could I find a place for a 4.

In Northern Ireland we use the Liberal Democrats wet dream of a voting system which is a form of proportional representation and is called the Single Transferrable Vote (STV). Its mind bendingly complex to explain how the votes are counted and allocated but its generally accepted that it ensures a fairer representation in the NI Assembly and our local Councils. We weren't given any referendum on this, the establishment in Westminster decided and implemented.

The only decision I found easy to make was my YES vote in the reform of the Westminster Parliamentary elections, where we are being asked to decide between First Past The Post and the Alternative Vote. FPTP suits the status quo whereas AV will shake things up a bit.
It wont affect my Parliamentary constituency as its a DUP stronghold.