Sunday 13 May 2007

Should Gordon be our next Prime Minister?

After 10 years of hiding behind Tony Blair, Gordon Brown has announced his decision to run for the leadership of the Labour Party (the rebranding has begun, under TB they were New Labour).

Points we need to consider....

(1) Under the collective responsibility principle of Cabinet Governement, what aspects of the last 10 years Labour Government does he not want credit for / to be held accountable for?

(2) TB sent the troops to war, his budgets are funding it..

(3) Does any political party have the right to appoint its next leader if that person is also the PM without a General Election? Its a moot point but it shows a weakness in our parliamentaty system, its happened before (Thatcher v Major).

(4) If changes are made to prevent Scottish MPs deciding on matters which are reserved for the Scottish Parliament in relation to the same issues for England, will he be the first ever PM not to be able to support Party Policy in England?

(5) Isn't the role of the PM to be a leader and slightly more important that being a dull, boring, presbyterian man......maybe we need a little style as well as substance?

(6) Why haven't any of the Blairites got the balls to challenge Brown? Millburn, Reid?

(7) Does Labour have a future in Government after TB? Surely it would be impossible to loose the next General Election with Labour's current majority? Not even Frank Spencer is that