Monday 14 May 2007

Sunday........Can it start again?

On Sunday, I went to visit my mum who was staying with a friend and her grandchildren. It usually a good laugh when I call down to visit them as the grandkids are young and lively and I am becoming a grumpy old git.

Normally this ends in a water fight, the success being my dryness and them being soaked.

Ok, so they are much smaller (age 5, age 8 and age 13) and I have the height and weight advantage.
I went out to my car to get my new water pistol (I am such a kid) and guess what?

I locked my car keys in the boot of my car. I also parked my car behind my mum's friends car so that meant we were now stuck. I had to

(1) blag a lift to Coleraine from a total stranger

(2) take a train to Ballymena

(3) run to my mum's house

(4) find the spare key she keeps for me for this type of eventuality

(5) drive back to Articlave


Still had time to use my new power boosted Water pistol.........magic