Monday 10 September 2007

Upping the ante...

Hopefully this photo fully justifies my post-personal training session, since it has now been decided (not by me) that I need to raise my game (that I can't argue with). In 6 weeks I have Aussie beaches to hit, and if I don't want to look like an extra from run fat boy run, then I have to work harder and for longer. So tonight, my legendary trainer had this in store for me.

Circuit A

4 Sets 10 Reps of the following

  • Pull downs 56kgs
  • Cable deadlift 70kgs
  • Seated dumbell press 10kgs
  • Static lunges

Circuit B

3 Sets of 8

  • pec dec at 49kgs

3 Sets of 10

  • single arm dumbell row 12.5kgs
  • sit-up with Russian twist....
  • swiss ball prone jackknife

I will do these 4 times per week. With 2 nights of cardio work lasting 40 mins....

SO now I feel tired but happy.......