Tuesday 19 February 2008

Castro goes

Cuba has many things to be jealous about, especially if you live in the US.

Higher levels of literacy
Free healthcare
Higher life expectancy

But apparently not free and fair elections (remember Jeb Bush and the swinging chads?)

I visited Havana in 2006, I found a beautiful country but with significant poverty. It is a organised place which needs a lot of investment. I remember buying Ice Cream having joined the queue for locals by mistake, I paid with tourist currency and you would have thought I had given the cashier a lottery ticket. I paid ten or twenty times more than than the actual cost to locals.

Cuba needs reform, but it has many many wonderful things..........hopefully the army wont attempt a Coup D'etat and cause more pain and suffering.........and I sincerely hope the US keeps its nose out where it isn't needed.


Becky said...

This also could become an election year issue, as the Cubans who relocated to Florida have a lot of clout.

Most people in the USA would rather not get involved, which means little to the administration.

There's also a sizable group who would prefer to buy Cuban cigars legally :)