Saturday 16 February 2008

who am I?

I believe fundamentally in the principles associated with The Johari Window model of self-discovery.

The essentials are quite straightforward, we all have an open side and a blind side. We keep some stuff to ourselves and we share some stuff about ourselves. An important point though is the more we hold back, the less others know and the greater the danger we are to how the hidden stuff can control our lives. I studied The Johari Window as part of my counselling skills course and learnt that we as counsellors had to be aware of our hidden sides, as a client may meet with us only to want to talk about information which might connect with our hidden side. This may trigger an emotional response which would prevent us helping our client. But it is also important to realise that there will be things we don't know about ourselves, how we behave, how we react to situations, this is where feedback comes in. "To see ourselves as others see us" Burns - To a Louse, sums up quite nicely what I mean.

I care deeply about my role is this life, believe I have a sense of compassion and justice for my fellow man. I do not believe that we can walk through life without accepting responsibility for how our actions impact on others. Every action has a consequence.

I like to think I don't have a very big hidden side, I share my life and am an open book. I take sometime to trust and had some nasty experiences.

I like to pray (especially for people I know, who have worries, health problems etc ) but am not religious.

I believe in secular government.

I distrust organised religion.

I believe we can all make a difference.