Thursday 17 July 2008


I've blogged about Iris Robinson before, she's part of the clan of family politicians in Northern Ireland who believe the bible is a science book.
Today, Iris went a step further on The Stephen Nolan Show - BBC Radio Ulster, click here.
The debate was concerning abortion, and the pro-life speaker Bernie Smyth was being hammered by journalist Eamonn McCann on the issues she was raising. Which included the fact that many people do not subscribe to her view that life begins at conception.
In Northern Ireland we have more woman facing riskier late abortions because they have to finance this privately and must travel to Britain to have the procedure carried out. This continues to be the case in 2008 because the 1967 Abortion Act was not extended to Northern Ireland.
Enter Iris Robinson to the debate, and during her commentary she declared that it was the Government's duty to implement God's law. Now there you have it in 2008 i live in a Theocracy. Iris quickly disappeared from the radio after he comments started to trigger a response from the general public, and i suspect the PR enforcers with the Democratic Unionist Party. Iris represents this party in the Northern Ireland Assembly, and recently suggested gay people should avail of counselling from a psychiatrist she knew, as he was able to turn them straight.
When will the DUP recognise that Iris has no place in politics and if she wishes to peddle her Christian views then perhaps a role as a preacher would be better. Its time for Iris to go.
A very articulate caller to the show summed this notion of governments creating God's law, as similar to the rationale used by Islamic fundalmentalists when the take part in suicide bombings. This is not needed here and the ideology of government upholding God's law is something we really should condemn.