Monday 4 August 2008

broken planes and late nights

  1. I am not in Estonia
  2. The plane broke (engine problems)
  3. We never even got off the ground
  4. People dont handle adversity well
  5. Titanic syndrome (fuck the rest I am all right)
  6. I am spending the night courtesy of the airline in The Carlton, Dublin Airport
  7. Servisair is run by untrained monkeys
  8. The pilot lied to us (it will only take a man with a spanner a couple of mins)
  9. Who the fuck wants to fly in a plane which has engine problems and they propose fixing it in the dark?
  10. My hotel has wifi...Woohoo
  11. KyleH2 is going to get a smack in the nuts...
  12. I like making lists, who knew this?
  13. Oh, we are apparently departing around 2pm as opposed to their other plan to keep us in Hotel arrest until 9pm this evening.
  14. I am tired beyond sleep

After we left the aircraft, an announcement suggested a 2 hr repair would have us back in the air, see pt 9, and then another came later to tell us it was off to a hotel. So we waited about an hour for a bus, then they marched us to the coach car park, where we waited an hour in a gale. Some of the other passengers had small children, they were frozen, but still the bus did not come, so me and a couple of others decided a taxi was the best idea, see pt 5.

Anyway, all is ok...lets hope the plane is ready to go...rumour has it that they have had to fly in a replacement plane. The things they'll do to save the cost of a lunch...

I wont be forgetting bout pt 11 neither...:P


Andrew said...

Sounds like a good night!!!

Becky said...

So...having fun yet? :)