Monday 10 November 2008

going nuts

I want to scream. I want to yell out to the hotel owner that my laptop doesnt like WPA encryption and i would like him to disable it during my stay. Apart from this my stay is perfect.
Last night after my never ending train journey, I think I paid the taxi driver £15 for a 5 min journey. Holy feck. I gave him a 20 bosnian mark note instead of 10. What the hell is happening to me? Rosher do these senior moments happen like this from now on?
Was supposed to be going with my mates on a tour today but i took ill at the time it was due to start. Just a stomach upset but it meant i couldnt go. Well i will go another day instead.
Sarajevo is a lovely place with warm and welcoming people. Our hotel is full of luxuries except a wifi connection but then this is more to do with my flipping laptop than the hotel. I am writing this on my mobile phone.
Tomorrow we go to Mostar where i have suggested we throw Gareth off the famous bridge. He seems reluctant. We shall see.
Hopefully i will find some wifi soon. Otherwise i might just lose what remains of my mind.


Andrew said...


Becky said...

I have friends in Prishtina Kosovo and they say the whole internet thing is iffy along with electricity on some days...they do a lot of "saves" when writing anything.

By the way, wait until you pass 35 years old - it's downhill rather quickly from there! Oh...that's're past that...Ha!

AILÍN said...

Andrew..I am forever in your debt..and I have corrected my error..