Wednesday 12 November 2008

Mostar part 2

This is why we went to mostar. The bridge is very famous and important historically. It was breathtaking to be in the old town. UNESCO lists the bridge on its site as a world heritage location.
The buildings bore the signs of bullet holes where the croatian army had clearly fired at random, not caring who or what they hit.
We bought a bus ticket to get back to Sarajevo but we missed the last bus, as it was only a couple of hours after we arrived in Mostar. A taxi became our only option, or booking a hotel bed and and staying in Mostar but we all preferred to go back to Sarajevo, we eventually found a taxi and the fare we were offered was 200KM or about £80.
He drove like a lunatic. I was sitting in the front passenger seat. It presented me with a set of fears I never knew a human could endure with either the loss of ones stomach or bowel contents or both.
He overtook on blind corners, in tunnels, in the fog. During the journey i think Gareth may have been praying we survive. He also sent me a text which included an informal last will and testament. I apparently have been bequeathed his stamp collection and Scott his Pamela Anderson memorabilia.
Hope you like my fez. Always wanted one.


Anonymous said...

woo you tommy cooper.
keep bloggin im lookin for an agent for you as we
have to post anonomously cause i cant remember my password....d'oh me
roshers bday tomorrow so we r lunching.