Thursday 25 June 2009

Slovenia & Italy - Days 5 & 6

We left Lake Bled due to the persitent inclement weather and headed for Tarvisio in Italy, our journey started with the Sat Nav taking us up and down some windy little streets, and a few crossings over bridges with drops which were fairly hairy.

After a lunch stop in Tarvisio we headed towards a campsite I found earlier on the day on Google, the sat nav directed us along an unpaved country lane (the campsite had closed down)...during a reversing manoevre we became bogged down in gravel, mainly due to the fact the the rear driver side tyre was off the road and dangling in a ditch...for a while we thought a tractor might be required to loosen the grip the ditch had on our motorhome...eventually we freed it...continued with the reverse and headed back to the nearby village.

We found a lady whose Italian was fluent and her English less so...well non-existent...after some palin-esque gestures she produced a tiny tourist map, which has the tourist information office in Tarvisio on it...we phoned and they eventually supplied a number, address and postal code of the site we stayed in that night on the banks of the River and the rest of the story later....