Saturday 3 October 2009

en vacance and lisbon...

I am in Paris, arriving late last night. I thought it particularly wise to hire a car at the airport and drive to my hotel, in the dark, through central Paris. Thankfully it was too dark to be distressed by the array of street signs which made little or no difference to my driving attitude.

Thank goodness for sat nav, it delivered me directly to the hotel...parking was a bit more of a challenge. After three or four circuit of the block the hotel was on I eventually found a small space to crowbar the Citroen C2 into. It has got to be one of the smallest cars I have ever driven. I don't think I will ever manage to fully accomplish the reverse parking biz when i am sitting on the left hand side of the car. Its just so feckin weird.

Anyway, lovely Italian meal, managing with the lingo...and my hotel has WIFI. Its a typical Paris hotel, small and crappy, but free WIFI....woohoo...wouldn't get that in rip-off Britain (and Ireland).

Yesterday Ireland was voting on Lisbon, a yes will create a permanent EU presidency. I wonder will Tony Blair get it? We're not bothering with all the US voting malarkey, if the Lisbon Treaty is adopted, we will leave the decision on who should be president, to unelected nobodies...much safer don't you think?