Saturday 3 October 2009


After some early morning shopping, I am in Versailles. I was on the Champs Elysees earlier and well I saw a pair on Sunglasses in the Adidas store and they will be owned by me sooner or later. Though the prospect of paying £180 is a bit

My journey from the hotel, involved a drive through central Paris, including a lap of the roundabout surrounding the Arc de Triomphe, it wasnt as scary as I had expected, mostly because I arrived on it before I had much time to realise what could happen. The next street we went along, I had to take a left, and almost forgot the oncoming traffic, after some screeching of brakes and tooting of horns...we moved on, unscathed if a little shaken.

I have been to the local boulangerie and I couldn't leave without an eclair.

Tomorrow the Chateau de Versailles and then a further car journey to our overnight stop in Albert.

Its peaceful and tranquil here. Just perfect.