Wednesday 11 November 2009

Italy Road Trip...Pisa to Milan

Arrived in Pisa on my birthday...the journey started after we hired a car (a Lancia Ypsilon) at the Termini in Rome. A few wrong turns later and we were on the main autostrade and heading for Pisa...

The journey pretty uneventful, and as soon as you used to the fact that the Italian motorists drive like its their last journey then all is good.

The hotel was in a perfectly central location to explore Pisa and the receptionist offered a suggestion for dinner, local restaurant Bagus. Perfect. The food, ambience all excellent. Glad I wasn't paying.

After dinner we walked the short distance to the Leaning Tower. Really beautiful, and no other tourists at night. Loads of time to take some pictures, if only I had a tripod.

On Tuesday morning, we went back and paid to climb the Leaning Tower, what a weird feeling. Felt dizzy almost instantly. Eventually reaching the top, but your body struggles to accept that your not on the level. Its the oddest sensation.

On the way to Milan we encountered a traffic jam. There had been a collision.

It took about 40 minutes for the road to re-open. Soon we were on our way arriving in Milan about 4pm. The hotel in Milan has free internet woohoo...tomorrow (Wed) we shall explore the San Siro.