Thursday 7 January 2010

Iris bashing...

Yesterday it was revealed that Northern Ireland's First Minister's wife - Iris Robinson, had been having an affair...a 21 year old called Kirk McCambley, who is the joint owner of the business The Lock Keepers Inn...Apparently Peter found out about the affair after Iris attempted suicide in March 2009. It has been previously announced that Iris has stepped down from public life.

We discovered officially about this story by way of arranged press interview with Peter Robinson on Wednesday.

Its a sad story. Iris is well known in Northern Ireland because of her attacks on the gay community. The interview given by Peter was simply vocal Iris bashing. It was done to save his political skin, to protect his position, to distance himself from further revelations to come.

I can't help thinking that Peter has played a blinder, attempted and achieved to sway public opinion. In his press interview he read his comments from a prepared script. Its just a nasty business.

More on BBC NI Spotlight 10.35 tonight.


Anonymous said...

two devious people,the robinsons deserve each other!!