Wednesday 13 July 2011

The boat from Cebu to Ozamiz...

My trip to the Philippines commenced with a short stop enroute in Hong Kong, from where we flew to Cebu.

Arriving in Cebu we had two choices, an overnight stay and a short flight or an evening boat arriving early in Ozamiz the next morning.

We opted for the boat and secured a stateroom cabin. The process of boarding the boat involved airport style security and a K9 bomb detection sweep. Terrorism is a very big issue in the Philippines and Mindanao has for a long time been the location of disputes with the Muslim population seeking to have autonomy from the rest of the country.

I am just glad we didn't end up in economy, with rows and rows of bunks.

The Stateroom accomodation was luxury in comparison with it having ensuite, cable tv and aircon.

The boat journey was very pleasant and smoothe arriving almost 2 hours in ahead of schedule.