Sunday 29 April 2012

Carol & Giles - 19 April 2012

The main purpose of our trip to The Philippines was to attend the wedding of our friend's Carol and Giles.

The wedding took place on the beach at the exclusive Shangri-la hotel and was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever been to. It was relaxed, special and had the glorious benefit of the beautifully calm sea and setting sun.

The previous night we attended a pre-wedding rehearsal and beach BBQ. The food here was the best I had during my trip to the Philippines, with the notable exception of the superb Nanay Dano's Bistek.

If you think the stereotype exists about Asian people and taking pictures is remotely true, you really ought to meet Asian wedding photographers.

After the ceremony we found a bar within the hotel which was having a Happy Hour. Essentially drinks slightly cheaper than normal, but still a long way off Nigi Nigi Nu Noos prices or measures...However, we ended up being the last guests to arrive at the reception, 15 minutes late and our only defence was that we were looking after the grooms mother. I think we were eventually forgiven...

A short photoset of photos from the wedding is contained within another blog post, click here.

I would like to wish Carol and Giles all the very best and future happiness.