Monday 14 May 2012

Get Ewan to Disneyland

So I think a little background info is needed, just to put you in the picture, although Ewan's letter was pretty spot on! Ewan's granny Mary was taking his two big sisters to Disneyland in Paris as a special birthday treat on 19th May.

Jess suffered an injury to her eye when a pencil punctured her retina at school on 4th May. Jess is fine, she required stiches to her eye, but she is recovering well - however she has been advised not to fly. This meant that sadly she could no longer go on holiday.

She is dealing with this pretty well! Jodie felt that she could not go without her sister so granny Mary asked the nice people at Thomas Cook if she could change some passengers, allowing Ewan and his cousin to go. As everything was confirmed over the phone we asked Ewan if he would like to go. He went bright red, he grinned from ear to ear then proceeded to throw himself around the room like a thing possessed!! We were delighted for him - it's been a tough year for us all and he's coped so well with everything.

So on Friday granny Mary went to Thoms Cook to make the changes and pay the nominal admin fees to be told that the change would cost a further 35% of the total cost of the holiday! An alternative was to cancel completely and rebook at a cost of over £2000 (for a two night stay!) She was not prepared to do this but as she has very recently received very sad news of a family bereavement, she was not strong enough to challenge them. At this point she was advised to cancel there and then or loose 75% of the money she had paid. She called us in tears from the travel agent, she had cancelled and was devastated for the children. We had to tell Ewan that he was no longer going to Disneyland a mere 24 hours after telling him he was. Sickening.......