Saturday 30 August 2008


Image from Avalon guitars
I have been thinking that I would like to learn to play the guitar, to be honest I already own an electric guitar (a very cheap strat copy). It seems a waste for it to sit there and gather dust, unused and unloved.
My next decision is how to go about this...I went for lessons before, they proved to be completely crap...they involved group tuition and when I joined up it was to be with people my age, and yet when I arrived I had 7 yr old twins, a 14yr old and me...all the twins wanted to do was burst a roll of bubble wrap they found at the back of the room and the 14yr old wanted to play thrash it wasnt exactly productive...
Well check out Avalon guitars, their link is at the top of this post, their guitars are handcrafted and cost a flaming fortune, from £2,000 upwards...but they are based in Northern Ireland so have a look...