Thursday 13 May 2010

I need a rest...

I was in London twice last week.

On Saturday 1 May, I went with my mate Scott. This was a re-run of a planned trip two weeks previously which was cancelled by the onset of the volcanic ash crisis. It was a hectic trip, over on Saturday, drinks in Soho, more drinks, some shopping, more drinks, food, drinks, food, sleep...rain and home.

Then I had my main trip which had been planned for months. Everything was going to plan, until Tuesday 4 May, when the volcanic ash returned and more flight cancellations occurred. We were advised that no information would be available until 7am on Thursday 6 May.

This was a disaster as I had to be in London for 8pm on Thursday and couldnt wait until the morning time to make alternative arrangements. So Jade and I set off by boat at 22.30 on Wednesday 5 May and drove to London. My god was I tired. But I had to just suck in the exhaustion and keep going.

We arrived in Stranraer on Thursday 6 May at 01.30, and then continued our journey through the night, arriving at Preston around 5am. We stopped there until 10.30am and then headed for London. The drive took until 16.00. I wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep. But no Jade had a tight schedule so we dropped our bag at the hotel, and headed into Piccadilly to meet up with his cousin. Some food and drink later we left for the O2.

The O2 arena is amazing, situated in Greenwich it is a buzzing complex. We had tickets for Black Eyed Peas supported by Cheryl Cole (nothing is ever perfect).

BEP were amazing. The put on a fantastic show. And all without the benefit of a single drop of alcohol.

Had a long sleep back at the hotel and then next day we left for Stranraer at 11.30. We had all day to make the journey, stopping many times along the way, including Gretna Green. Arrived for the 23.30 sailing with an hour to spare.

Back in Belfast at 02.30 and in bed for three. I need a rest...